Unifiedcomms launches new FriendFinder handset application with Panic Alert features for mobile network operator in Malaysia

MALAYSIA, January 2016 – Ahead Mobile Sdn Bhd (a subsidiary of Unifiedcomms), a leading utility applications services provider for mobile network operators, has announced the launch of a new handset application for the existing FriendFinder application service of a mobile network operator in Malaysia.

The new version of the Unifiedcomms FriendFinder handset application serves to enhance the mobile subscriber user experience with a mobile application interface that enables them to easily find the location of friends and family members at any time or schedule automated location searches to appear on a detailed visual map.

The Unifiedcomms FriendFinder handset application now comes with added Panic Alert features to help address growing safety and security concerns among subscribers by enabling to them instantly send emergency alerts requesting for assistance, together with their current location details, to emergency contacts.

The Unifiedcomms FriendFinder handset application is available for download on Google Play.


About Unifiedcomms

Established in 1998, Unifiedcomms is a leading application service provider with over 15 years of proven experience in managed application services, utility-driven value-added-services, and telecoms-grade platforms. Our application services and systems address more than 500 million subscribers of 32 mobile network operators in 15 countries across South East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Unifiedcomms has over 180 staff at offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Pakistan and India, and is a subsidiary of Singapore Exchange-listed Captii Limited (SGX:U18). For more information, visit www.unifiedcomms.com.

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