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Service Management

End-To-End Service
Management Framework

A 4-phase framework
to optimise performance
of utility application services
through 3 areas of focus

Service Management Planning

From here we derive:

  • Engagement objectives defined
  • Service Marketing

Service Marketing

Here we craft and execute the Service Marketing Plan – it defines tasks & activities to achieve the marketing objectives of the service according to where it is in its life-cycle.

Service Improvement

Next, we create a Service Improvement Model to determine which areas require improvement. This covers both the customer fronting (Customer Experience) & service enablement (Solution Enhancement) aspects of the service.


Service Monitoring

Finally, through Business Intelligence & Analytics, we actively monitor key value drivers to ensure they are performing up to par. "What you measure is what you get", after all.



We help subscribers manage their prepaid mobile service easily and promptly with our UniUMB USSD platform that’s been deployed at some of the largest mobile network operators in South East Asia, processing more than 200 million USSD sessions a day.


Keep your subscribers close and connected to you or your preferred roaming partners with our UniROAM roaming platform that’s been installed at leading mobile network operators in South East Asia and the Middle East, generating more than 200 million daily transactions.


UniMAP is an integrated mobile advertising platform created specifically for mobile network operators and has proven capabilities in ad-media enablement, location and profile targeting and campaign management, having served over 1 billion mobile ads to-date with click-through rates of up to 37%.


We enable you to facilitate important daily voice communications for your subscribers through our UniVOICE voice services platform that currently caters for more than 29 million subscribers across 23 deployments.


Our UniSMS SMS services platform has what it takes to enable and deliver large scale SMS application services to your subscribers, with deployments across mobile service operators in South East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa, delivering more than 20 million SMSes per day.

Software Development Engineer


Managed Services

We’ve delivered and managed the operations of end-to-end solutions in over 35 large projects including a central clearinghouse system for an entire country that inter-connects with all its mobile network operators – so you don’t sweat the small stuff.

Project Management

We’ve brought real-world problem solving capabilities to 90 projects (and counting), to deliver each and every one successfully from planning to completion.

Maintenance & Support

We ensure that your systems and services run like clockwork, having handled more than 100,000 support hours in helpdesk, preventative maintenance, service request fulfillment and support activity coordination services for over 30 mobile network operator and telecoms network operator customers.

Custom Software

If you want a more customised solution, we’ve got over 200,000 development hours of experience and 339 years of combined software development knowhow among our team to build what you need.

Latest News

about us

Who We Are

Established in 1998, Unifiedcomms is a leading application service provider with over 15 years of proven experience in managed application services, utility-driven value-added-services, and telecoms-grade platforms. Our application services and systems address more than 500 million subscribers of 32 mobile network operators in 15 countries across South East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Unifiedcomms has over 180 staff at offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Pakistan and India, and is a subsidiary of Singapore Exchange-listed Captii Limited (SGX:U18).

Our Beginnings

In 1998, Unifiedcomms began life as a start-up with a single office in Malaysia. From our humble beginnings as a VOIP solution provider, we developed into a global mobile telecoms-focused software developer and solution provider. We build software and systems that power value-added-services and optimise the performance of different parts of the mobile network operator’s business.

And We Got Rather Good At It

We go the extra mile to deliver innovative and world-class, yet highly localised solutions—something which our larger competitors couldn’t manage and many of our customers truly appreciated. We reached customers and subscribers far and wide throughout South East Asia, South Asia, the Middle-East and Africa via our own local presence and a network of channel partners. We grew quickly and got listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) in 2004.

We even won a bunch of awards along the way: we were recognised as a Singapore SME 500 Company, received the Malaysia Golden Bull Awards for Most Outstanding SME, and was a member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu’s “Asia Pacific Technology Fast 500”.

Then Came Evolution!

Over the years, the world evolved and the markets we operated in changed. Bolt-on systems and platforms to power value-added-services became increasingly more commoditised and driven by novelty value rather than real utility. Once very popular ‘must-have’ value-added-services lost their appeal as quickly as they gained popular acceptance, and each service became increasingly more costly to market and operate. Core network technology providers began to creep into the market to provide their own, very low cost and basic versions of the most popular value-added-services to bundle into their core product offerings.

So we challenged ourselves to answer one simple question - “What can we offer that has widespread and lasting appeal for both our customers and their subscribers, that can help us be a market leader and grow?”

The Answer is Simple

Utility Applications for the Human Experience

We all have fundamental rights that can be served or aided by technology. The right to communicate. The right to control how you communicate. The right to feel safe. The right to be yourself.

In evolving from a broad-based value-added-services software and system provider to an application service provider, we have honed our focus on utility application services: to conceive, build, implement and operate application services that offer real value to subscriber by enhancing their exercise of these four fundamental rights.

However, if as a mobile network operator, you prefer the flexibility of outright owning of our platforms or application services - we’re more than happy to accommodate.

Even though we have a renewed emphasis on utility application services for mobile service subscribers, we continue to be true to our history and can provide localised and customised solutions to meet your needs, should our products not suit.

Managing Applications-as-a-Service

It is one thing to conceive and build a good application. It is entirely another thing to operate and manage the service through its lifecycle well enough to create a success story.

This is where we have placed equal emphasis in our pursuit of success stories – to ensure that we have capabilities to support the monetisation process for each and every one of our utility application services.

Working with us means that you can rely on our end-to-end service management methodology and resources to deliver the numbers you expect to see from the high-utility application service that has been launched to your subscriber segments.

Our People

Wong Tze Leng
Group Executive Chairman
Yong Choon Vooi
Chief Executive Officer
Phang Deng Sheng
Group Financial Controller
Ho Ting Sai
General Manager & Head, Group Business Development

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South East Asia
Systems Deployed: 75
Countries: 9
Operators: 24
Sub base: 444 million

(Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei)
South Asia
Systems Deployed: 8
Countries: 2
Operators: 4
Sub base: 112 million

(Bangladesh, Pakistan)
Middle East and Africa
Systems Deployed: 10
Countries: 4
Operators: 4
Sub base: 25 million

(Bahrain, Iraq, Saudi, UAE)
MNO customers
million sub base

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